Holiday Gift Guide for Youth Baseball Players

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New gear and memorabilia make the most exciting gifts for youth baseball players. Nothing builds anticipation for a return to the diamond like swinging a new bat or breaking in a new glove. Let’s take a look at the best gifts for the baseballer in your life.

Youth Baseball Bats

The ultimate gift for a young baseball player is a brand-new boomstick. Bats can differ greatly in length, weight, and construction. Ultimately your hitter will see the best performance from the bat they feel most comfortable swinging. Additionally, each league and tournament will adhere to different bat certifications. It’s vital to check which bats your youth baseball league/tournament allows. Having a bat disallowed on opening day is a brutal feeling. You can find bats for less than $100, but can easily see that figure stretch depending on your budget. Check out our guide to shopping for baseball bats for further information.

Bats We Love

  • Louisville Meta, USSSA ($299)
    • Why we love it: The Meta has great control, and its composite barrel has an enormous sweet spot. 
  • Demarini Voodoo One, USA ($199)
    • Why we love it: Outstanding balance and surprising swing speed for such a powerful aluminum one-piece bat. 
  • Southern Timber Custom Pro Series Maple Youth, Wood ($110)
    • Why we love it: Beautiful, hand-turned maple bats that are fully customizable (color, weight, length, balance) for your athlete.

Youth Baseball Gloves

There’s nothing like breaking in a brand-new glove ahead of the spring season to build excitement. As the pocket develops and the glove molds to a player’s hand, their confidence in the field grows. There are many styles and builds to consider with gloves. Most are deciphered by your player’s position and style of defensive play. The quality of glove you choose may depend on their age, skill level, and commitment to the game. To learn more about shopping for youth baseball gloves, read what to know when shopping for baseball gloves.

Gloves We Love

  • Marucci C Type: Maldives ($379.99)
    • Why we love it: A work of art with an I-Web for the versatile infielder. The Maldives is lightweight and easy to break in, and visually striking to look at in baby blue.
  • Rawlings Exclusive HOH R2G Contour Fit ($224.95)
    • Why we love it: Ideal for outfielders, the Contour fit is slightly slimmer for excellent control of the pocket.
  • Mizuno Prospect Powerclose ($55)
    • Why we love it: A durable entry-level glove for every position, soft pigskin leather that is ready to squeeze right off the rack.

Youth Baseball Cleats

For most young baseball players, new cleats may seem more like a necessity than an exciting gift. However, because of the balance and support provided by cleats, they are arguably the most important piece of baseball equipment. There are several different cleat and shoe styles to consider depending on what position your athlete plays and the regulations of their league. Plan to budget between $60-100 for quality cleats. For a complete overview, see our guide to youth baseball cleats.

Cleats We Love

  • New Balance Youth Compv2 ($75)
    • Why we love it: As light as a feather with fiber-infused cleats that perform with the grip of metal spikes.
  • Nike Force Trout 8 Pro MCS ($65)
    • Why we love it: The Trout 8 Pro is lightweight and breathable, well-cushioned for comfort, and has a drag-on toe for extra traction, especially on worn playing surfaces.
  • Under Armour Boys Yard Turf Jr Baseball ($65)
    • Why we love it: The UA Turf model has a significant grip for young players who prefer less of a cleat and more of a traditional sneaker.

Baseball Cards

Mass production of baseball cards in the 1990s drove down their value and, ultimately, interest. But now, thanks to nostalgia, the fad is back. There aren’t as many brands as a few decades ago. Though several still remain, only Topps is licensed to publish cards with MLB logos and marks. Donruss, Bowman, and Panini all make cards as well, relying on original photography and design to carry their brands. Cards can be bought individually or by the pack/box to encourage trading with friends and teammates.

Tickets to a Game

Take me out to the ballgame. Nothing beats a hot dog in the nosebleed section. So, whether it’s the big leagues, minor leagues, college, or independent ball, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more epic baseball gift than tickets to the old ballgame. 

Memorabilia: Posters, Pennants, and Signatures

Support your player’s fandom with visual mementos of their favorite pastime. Autograph hunting can be daunting, but special items will frequently appear on online shopping sites, particularly eBay. Warning: a baseball or bat signed by a favorite player could induce squeals of excitement. Old-school triangular pennants are on the comeback and always have a classic look. 

The Show Video Game

Is your youth athlete also a gamer? MLB The Show is a cutting-edge baseball video game that features all of your favorite teams, players, and styles of gameplay. Gamers are able to take control of their favorite team as GM, manager, or player. Batting in The Show can even help improve plate discipline and the ability to take a pitch (even if it’s a strike). Meanwhile, pitchers who game enjoy the ability to develop batter and pitch-count strategies. 

Apparel: Hats and Jerseys

What feels better than bending the bill of a fresh, fitted cap of your favorite team? The New Era 59Fifty hat is what the pros wear, and it’s unlikely to ever go out of style. You’ll be looking at a price tag of around $40, but the feeling while wearing one is priceless. MLB jerseys run quite a bit more expensive, especially if they’re player-specific. A safeguard is to purchase by the team and not by the player, especially given the nature of free agency and player trades in Major League Baseball. A great player-specific alternative is a jersey t-shirt offered by several brands in a variety of styles.

Still Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift?

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