There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing an athlete who loved their sport gradually lose interest in it. It might come as a surprise to see your child or their teammate express an interest in quitting or mentally checking out. 

With travel baseball being more competitive than ever, young athletes can feel tremendous pressure. This pressure can lead to burnout and a complete loss of interest in the sport they used to enjoy. 

As parents, coaches, and supporters, we can help athletes work through feelings of burnout so they can continue to play the game, 

Why Is My Athlete Burnt-Out? 

Mental Burnout

For travel baseball, especially, athletes face intense competition. While some thrive off this, other kids don’t care for the pressure. Couple this pressure with adults who place stress on their athletes to always win and give 110% no matter what, and you have a recipe for burnout. 

It’s only natural to want your child to succeed, and it can be frustrating to see them not giving it their all when playing a game or practicing. After a loss, it can be easy to jump right into what your kid, coach, or teammates did wrong, but this might push them away from the sport. They might decide it isn’t worth the stress anymore and instead dedicate their time elsewhere. 

Physical Burnout 

Training for your sport is necessary to develop fundamental skills and improve athleticism. However, athletes can become physically drained when this training is overly demanding at a young age. Overuse injuries from heavy training could be a factor is discouraging kids from playing. 

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Physical exhaustion, like inadequate time to rest and recover, can cause burnout. Not having enough time to dedicate to their homework, friends, and other recreation could cause someone to want to quit baseball. 

How Coaches Can Help

When kids can’t find joy in the game, they won’t play at their best. 

Coaches have a significant impact on their athlete’s interest in playing. In a leadership position, you are responsible for setting the tone. 

While coaching, keep in mind: 

What Can Parents Do to Help? 

As a parent, it’s only natural to want to see your child perform to the best of their ability. When you see mistakes in the game, your first reaction might be to tell them what they could have done better. 

What you may see as a push in the right direction might make your kid more frustrated than encouraged. 

As a parent, you can help reduce burnout by: 

It’s fun to win, but you can’t win them all.

When done right, youth baseball is a huge benefit in developing kids into great athletes and good people. With the right support, young athletes are more likely to stick with their sport and enjoy their game. 

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