Sho-Me Baseball

Originally opened in 1958, Sho-Me Baseball is one of the oldest established baseball schools in the country. It was originally created to specialize in youth baseball instruction for ages 8-18 over an eight-week summer.

Now Sho-Me Baseball is revitalized to create a unique baseball experience for ages 14 and up! The all-grass fields right next to Table Rock Lake offer a one-of-a-kind historic feel to playing America’s game.

Recently revitalized, the Sho-Me Baseball campus is tucked down right by the lake. Drive the loop to reach our:

  • Historic grass fields
  • Dormitories
  • Pool
  • And so much more!


The mission of Sho-Me Baseball is to offer a new and unique baseball experience that showcases advanced technology, embraces the tradition of the Sho-Me facility, and emphasizes the beauty of Sho-Me’s location on the shores of Table Rock Lake.



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