Here at Ballparks of America, baseball is king. But, there are tons of other fun things to do while you’re staying on campus. Get the inside scoop on all things that make BoA a truly magical place, and make the most of your week with this bucket list. Check off all 15 items and become a BoA legend! 

1. Wiffle Ball Challenge 

Take a break from serious competition and challenge another team to a friendly game of Wiffle ball on the Chicago field. Winner gets bragging rights! As long as a game isn’t scheduled, all fields are open. Bring your own Wiffle bat and ball, or purchase a set from the Pro Shop.

2. Make Your Great Escape 

Did you know Ballparks of America has its own escape rooms? Well, it does, and you and your friends can test your puzzle-solving abilities at the Puzzle Parlour with 2 exciting scenarios. In the Mystery of the Whispering Woods, you’ll find out if Bigfoot has actually been discovered. With Scorpio: Operation Chaos, you and your fellow secret agents will work to defeat the evil Dr. Scorpio. Ready to test your sleuthing skills? Book your room today!

3. Chow Down on a Giant Pretzel 

Feeling hungry? Head on over to the Double Day Cafe and order a giant pretzel. Served with salt, cheese, and cinnamon sugar, this baby is designed to feed four, so it’s perfect for sharing with a couple of friends. However, you totally get bonus points if you eat the whole thing by yourself.

4. Hit the Batting Cages  

If you want to get in some practice before a game, make your way to the Upper Deck Batting Cages & Pro Shop. There you’ll find 3 machine-operated cages. The pitching machines can throw every type of pitch, allowing you to take your batting game to the next level.

5. Beat Your Friends at Air Hockey  

The competition doesn’t have to end once you’re off the field. Challenge your friends to a game of air hockey in the On-Deck Arcade. While you’re there, check out tons of other fun games to play.

6. Make a Cameo on BoA’s TikTok 

We didn’t plan on going viral (2.6 million views on a video about our giant pretzel!), but it turns out people love our TikTok (@boabaseball) as much as we do. We post all kinds of content, and unsurprisingly, many of our videos feature our tournament players. Are you ready for your close-up? Get featured in one of our videos and check this item off your bucket list.

7. Take Home a Sweet Souvenir  

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, you don’t want to leave BoA without getting a Souvenir sundae from The Sweet Spot. Not only do you get to enjoy a delicious dessert, but you get to take home the helmet bowl it comes in as well. The sundae includes two scoops of ice cream, sprinkles, and cherries. Happy eating!

8. Pin It to Win It   

If you’ve been to BoA before, you might’ve noticed all the pins that line the wall in the Pro Shop. Leave your team’s mark on the campus by letting an employee add your team’s pin to the wall.

9. Create Your Own TikTok 

Now it’s your turn to get behind the camera. Create a TikTok video and show your followers a bit of the behind-the-scenes action at BoA. Don’t forget to tag us (@boabaseball)!

10. Hit a Rooftop Homer 

The Home Run Derby is always a highlight of our summer tournaments. Any home run is going to add to your score during the derby, but there’s something extra fun about hitting a homer onto the roof!

11. Sign a Team Hat for Chef Steven 

Our head chef, Steven, takes a lot of joy in the players who come through Ballparks of America. In order to help commemorate the teams that play at BoA, he’s created a challenge with a sweet surprise. If you can get all the players on your team to sign a baseball hat and gift it to Chef Steven, in return, your team will get a special reward. Chef Steven will then add your team’s hat on the wall of his office in the Double Play Cafe, along with countless other teams’ signed hats.

12. Defeat Your Teammates at Operation Laser Tag

What’s better than playing laser tag? Dominating laser tag. Challenge your teammates to a game of laser tag and show off your Call of Duty skills in real life.

13. Gotta Collect Em’ All 

You know about trading baseball cards, but do you know about trading pins? One of the fun traditions at BoA that doesn’t always get talked about is trading team pins. Teams will often design and bring their own baseball trading pins. Then, players from different teams will trade pins with each other. To check this item off your bucket list, collect a pin from every team! And if you need a place to stick your newly acquired pins, stop by the Pro Shop. We sell a Ballparks of America pin towel.

14. Show off Your Dance Skills 

Every tournament, we have an opening ceremony that kicks off the week. Part of that ceremony includes a dance-off. In order to check this item off your bucket list, you’ll have to get out of the field and show us your moves. 

15. Play Kickball on All 5 Fields 

During the day, our 5 fields are filled with baseball happenings, but at night, they become a bit more versatile. One of the popular ways our players like to take advantage of our open fields is to play kickball. Play on all 5 to complete this final bucket list item. 

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Download the bucket list and check off each item as you complete them. Print it double-sided to have all the items on one sheet!


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