Guide to Travel Baseball Uniforms

Youth baseball team huddles together

With spring tournaments scheduled to start in a few short months, it’s time to start thinking about uniforms!  There’s a lot to consider when selecting and ordering uniforms, and it can be overwhelming to do alone. We’ve put together some tips to ensure no box goes unchecked when getting new uniforms for your team.  What […]

Preventing Burnout in Youth Baseball

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing an athlete who loved their sport gradually lose interest in it. It might come as a surprise to see your child or their teammate express an interest in quitting or mentally checking out.  With travel baseball being more competitive than ever, young athletes can feel tremendous pressure. This pressure […]

Recognizing and preventing youth baseball injuries

When playing competitive baseball, there’s no way to guarantee you won’t get injured. Although you can’t eliminate the risk of an injury entirely, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk.  Some of the most common injuries in youth baseball are arm and shoulder injuries, general overuse injuries, and sprains. When athletes use […]

How to Fundraise for Youth Travel Baseball Teams

Youth baseball team stands in a huddle together

Anyone on a youth baseball travel team can tell you expenses rack up fast. Uniforms take time to produce; at this age, they’re quickly outgrowing their old ones. To keep their season going, equipment, travel costs, and entry fees are necessary. As a parent or coach, it’s important to do what you can to support […]

Off-Season At-Home Workouts for Youth Baseball Players

Youth Baseball Player Starts Running to the next base

The off-season is the perfect opportunity for your athlete to start training for spring tournaments! If they’re going to play at their best, using this downtime to stay in shape for baseball is essential. Get into the habit of using simple and routine workouts to improve coordination and reduce the risk of an injury down […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Youth Baseball Players

Christmas Presents with tree and fireplace i

New gear and memorabilia make the most exciting gifts for youth baseball players. Nothing builds anticipation for a return to the diamond like swinging a new bat or breaking in a new glove. Let’s take a look at the best gifts for the baseballer in your life. Youth Baseball Bats The ultimate gift for a […]

What to Know When Shopping for Youth Baseball Gloves

Youth player fields ground ball with baseball glove.

Arguably the most crucial piece of equipment for your athlete is their glove. Your player’s needs will vary based on age, position, and level of play. Learn a few things to consider when shopping for a youth baseball glove. Related Post: How to Train for Youth Baseball Tournaments Parts of Youth Baseball Gloves To start, let’s […]

How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bat

Youth baseball player hits

The best bat for your baseball player ultimately comes down to the one that makes them most comfortable at the plate. Length and weight, weight distribution, construction, and certification are all important factors when shopping for youth baseball bats.  Related Post: How to Train for Youth Baseball Tournaments Baseball Bat Material & Construction Aluminum alloy […]

What to Consider When Shopping for Youth Baseball Cleats

Player stands on base in youth baseball cleats

Excellent balance is essential for baseball players and it starts with the feet. Cleats give a player grip to cut, run, plant, and keep balance. In today’s blog, we discuss key factors to consider when shopping for youth baseball cleats.  Related Post: How to Train for Youth Baseball Tournaments Types: Molded vs. Metal vs. Turf […]

Why 5X MLB All-Star Mike Sweeney Loves Ballparks of America

Mike Sweeney is in a baseball dugout

Mike Sweeney has played in 5 Major League All-Star games and has been inducted into the Kansas City Hall of Fame. He’s also a youth baseball coach. Watch the video below to hear what Sweeney had to say about his experience at Ballparks of America.